Invasive Ambrosia Beetle Conference

The Situation in California


August 14, 2012


PowerPoint Presentations / YouTube Videos


Introduction (Video)


What is the problem? (Video)

Stouthamer, Richard, Rugman-Jones, P.F., Eskalen, Akif, González, Adonis


The situation in Israel: pace of spread, the potential and actual damage and the susceptibility of avocado varieties (Video)

Mendel, Zvi ; Protsov, Alex ; Sharon, Michal ; Okon-Levy, Netta ; Eliahu, M. ; Maoz, Yonattan ; Golan, Omer ; Noy, Michael ; Freeman, Stanley

The Extent of the problem in California (Video)

Eskalen, Akif ; González, Adonis ; Lynch, S.J.; Wang, D.H. ; Twizeyimana, M. ; Mayoquin, J.

Fusarium Dieback: A New and Serious Insect-Vectored Disease of Landscape Trees (Video)

Hodel, Donald R.

Summary of Scientific Meeting (Video)

Stouthamer, Richard


Are there things we can implement now? (Video)

Roberts, Tom


Detection and Control Methods Currently Available: Symptomatic Trees, Traps, Pesticides, and Biological Control (Video)

Paine, T.D.

What do we do about infested material - composting and firewood movement? (Video)

Coleman, Tom W.


Nursery Regulations - Pest finds in nurseries (Video)

Arias, Ruben


Q&A (Video)


Concluding Remarks (Video)

Hoodle, Mark