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Agriculture Resource and Economics - From UCDAVIS Cost analyses for grove establishment in Riverside and san Diego Counties

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American Society for Horticultural Science - Selected Proceedings

AMS F&V Terminal Market Prices (by city)

An Economic Evaluation of California Avocado Industry Marketing Programs, 1961-1995 - Hoy F. Carman and R. Kim Craft

ASHS - The American Society for Horticultural Science offers free searching of its three professional journals and open access to all article abstracts.

Avocado General Information - University of Hawaii

Avocado Handbook. A "no frills" description of avocado production.  Written and compiled by the Ventura County Extension Service - Ben Faber.

AvoHQ - Global Avocado Marketing Intranet

Avocado Page - Dr. Gary Bender UC Cooperative Extension


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Avocado Varieties - from the University of Florida by Ian Maguire

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California Irrigation Management Information  System - CIMIS - Department of Water Resources - Easy to access a 7 day average report - Go to Data reports and choose 'sample reports' or register. Under Download - Technical References - Agricultural Resource Book you will find valuable information

California Rare Fruit Growers - CRFG

California Weather Database - UC Statewide integrated pest management program

Dothiorella Canker Disease of Avocado in California - Akif Eskalen, Virginia McDonald

Economic Evaluation of California Avocado Marketing Programs 1961-1998 - Hoy Carman and Kim Craft UC Davis.

EDIS Homepage - University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences - Search for avocado

Farmer's Bookshelf - An Information System of Tropical Crops in Hawaii - Avocado - U. of Hawaii, Manoa

Florida State Horticultural Society - Web Site

From UC Riverside: information on avocado varieties, rootstocks, flowering and irrigation. from UCAVO

Hass Avocado Board

History of the Avocado Industry in California - Shepherd, John, Bender, Gary S.

Importation of 'Hass' Avocado Fruit (Persea Americana cv. Hass) from Mexico - Risk Assessment - USDA - APHIS - June 2003

Irrigation water requirement studies of citrus and avocado trees in San Diego County, California, 1926 and 1927  - 1930. Beckett, S.H., Blaney, Harry F., Taylor, Colin A.

Linking Risk and Economic Assessments and Analysis of Plant Pest regulations: The case of U.S. Imports of Mexican Avocados - Everett Peterson and David Orden - ERS USDA

A Pest Management Plan for Avocado Production in California - USDA CSREES

Retail Price Variation and its determinants - What do we know about grocery retailer pricing strategies and retail competition? - Lan Li, Hoy Carman and Richard Sexton

Rio Grande Valley Horticultural Society - Selected Proceedings

Subtropical Fruit News - From ucavo web site - University of California Cooperative Extension - in PDF

Subtropical Fruit News Volume 7 Table of contents -1999 - University of California Cooperative Extension

Subtropical Fruit News Volume 8 - Table of contents - 2000 - University of California Cooperative Extension

Subtropical Horticulture - University of California, Riverside

The Pollination of Avocados - A.B. Stout.  1933.  University of Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin 257.

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Persea Images Collection - Description of accessions in the USDA-ARS germplasm repository in Miami, Florida, Dr. R. Schnell, curator

Taxon: Persea americana Mill. - Avocado taxonomy from the USDA-ARS GRIN website

Avocado - Persea Americana - Purdue University By Julia Morton

The avocado - University Of  Florida Cooperative Extension Service

The Guacamole Tree - Economic Botany, UCLA

Avocado Fruit Facts - California Rare Fruit Society



Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Import Manual - USDA

World Avocado Production Statistics - USDA Foreign Agricultural Service- Production, Supply, Distribution.

USDA grades and standards for Florida avocados - Standards for avocado importation into the US

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service FAS Online - Avocado information

NASS - National Agricultural Statistics Service - Avocado Production by state

USDA-ARS Agricultural Research Service - Avocado related research

USDA-ERS Economic Research Service - wealth of information and links

USDA Fact book - Facts about United States Department of Agriculture

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service - Link to avocado statistics

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