Important Comment: Growers need to adjust the value according to their own orchard situation. CIMIS stations are on flat land and are not necessarily true representations of most orchards, which are planted on slopes, are at various solar orientations and at different elevations compared to CIMIS sites.


There are three options for Crop Coefficient .

1. California Current Values  - Reference: J.D. Oster, D. Stottelmyer, and M.L. Arpaia, in press, Accepted for publication Jan. 2007 in J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci.

2. California Old Values - Reference: J.L. Meyer, M.V. Yates, D.E. Stottlemyer, E. Takele, M.L. Arpaia, G.S. Bender, and G. W. Witney in Proc. of Second World Avocado Congress 1992 pp. 281-288

3. Chile Values - Reference: Francisco Gardiazabal GAMA in Aproximación a los Requerimientos Hídricos del Palto - Proyecto Fontec 97-1215