California Avocado Society
1973-1974 Yearbook
Volume 57

Table of Contents

  1. Index to Advertisers
  1. Officers, Past Presidents

  2. In Memoriam, Elwood E. Trask

  3. Awards of Honor

  4. Harold Hazzard Brokaw

  5. B. W. "Bud" Lee

  6. Financial Report

  7. Report of the President

  8. Editorial Committee and Membership Dues

  9. Report of the Variety Committee

  10. The Hass Mother Tree
  1. Persea Schiedeana, The Coyo, A Possible Rootstock for Avocado in South Africa
    C. A. Schroeder

  2. Expansion in the California Avocado Industry
    Robert C. Rock

  3. Factors Affecting the Marketability of Avocado Fruit
    W. B. Storey, B. O. Bergh, and R. H. Whitsell

  4. The Remarkable Avocado Flower
    B. O. Bergh

  5. Flower Type of the Reed Avocado
    B. W. Lee

  6. Economic Trends in the California Avocado Industry
    R. C. Rock and R. G. Platt

  7. Some Girdling Tools
    R. H. Whitsell, J. R. Orlando, R. H. Lenhert, B. L. Wieden and B. O. Bergh

  8. What Kind of Fruit is the Avocado?
    W. B. Storey

  9. Avocado Yields in the San Joaquin Valley
    James H. LaRue and Ray D. Copeland

  10. A Planting Plan for Avocados
    B. W. Lee

  11. Avocado Economics: An Evaluation
    H. Leonard Francis

  12. Some Do's and Don'ts To Prevent the Spread of Avocado Root Rot
    R. G. Platt and G. A. Zentmyer
  1. Nitrogen Fertilization of Bacon Avocado — Yield and Ground-Water Salinity
    T. W. Embleton, W. W. Jones, and B. W. Lee

  2. Collecting "Matul-oj" Types of Persea in Guatemala
    Eugenio Schieber and G. A. Zentmyer

  3. Avocado Rootstock-Scion Relationships: A Long-Term, Large-Scale Field Research Project
    A. Ben-Ya'acov, Esther Michelson, and I. Sela

  4. Sensitivity of Avocado Rootstocks to Verticillum Wilt
    A. Ben-Ya'acov and M. Frenkel

  5. Some Abnormalities Observed in Avocado Fruits and Flowers
    A. Kadman, E. Tomer, and M. Gottreich

  6. Self-Pollinated Hass Seedlings
    B. O. Bergh and R. H. Whitsell

  7. Collecting Perseas in the Highlands of Guatemala
    Eugenio Schieber, G. A. Zentmyer, and E. L. V. Johnson

  8. Transmission of Avocado Sunblotch Virus by Embryo Graftage
    R. J. Drake and J. M. Wallace

  9. The Value of Physiological Indicators in Determining the Irrigation Requirements of the Avocado Tree
    E. Lahav, D. Kalmar, and D. Zamet

  10. Collecting Avocados in Mexico
    Laura L. Jefferson

  11. The Bounty of Research
    Lowell N. Lewis

  12. A Rapid Method for Curing Chlorotic Avocado Trees
    A. Kadman and A. Cohen

  13. Avocado Root Rot Investigations
    G. A. Zentmyer and L. L. Lewis

  14. Reproducción Vegetativa o Asexual Del Aguacate
    Luis Romero and Diaz de Losada
  1. California Avocado Society Membership — 1974
  1. Index of Yearbooks of the California Avocado Society 1957-1970